Tattoo II…The Tattoo Project Revisited

What an amazing day!! So many beautiful and meaningful tattoos on such gorgeous souls.  It was a pleasure and honor to document each individual’s piece of art… and I want to say a massive thank you to every beautiful human who turned out.

Thank you for baring your skin, your hearts and your ink. For allowing me a glimpse into the why and how of your memories. For letting me touch on a part of your identity that you bravely show the world, but the core of which you still keep locked inside. Each one of you stepped outside your comfort zone to do this shoot with me – and I cant tell you how I appreciate your generosity. I love each of you.

Thank you to Blacksmith Studios for hosting the event and providing such a brilliant space to shoot. It was such fun to evolve this project from a backdrop set up in my street, to a full blown studio environment! Fun times!!

And finally –  Thank you to my amazing wife who not only flashed our wedding tattoo for the shoot, but helped welcome people, get forms signed and keep the crazy day and me on schedule – kinda. You always surprise me, Kasa. Love you xx