Tattoo Project

Tattoos have long served as a rite of passage – they were symbols of unity – showing the person belongs to a way of life, belief or clan. Now, individual choices in artwork show status, love, coming of age…and ways to hold memories close. As you look around our culture, tattoos are becoming more and more prevalent. People are choosing to decorate their skin to show their individuality, and very often the meanings behind their ink are deeply personal. I was honoured to have people from all walks of life bare their souls and allow me to create memories of their memories. ~ MSG

‘Wherever I travel, I try and get one. They are my personal postcards – a reminder of times past’ ~ Shaun R.

‘Usually, when I’ve been through something trying in my life, I get a tattoo when it’s over. Or, sometimes, I awaken with an insuppressible urge to get inked, and do it spontaneously’ ~ Mel H.

‘The butterfly I got because it means freedom to me – to be free and happy as a butterfly’ ~ Jenni R.

‘I got my first tattoo a year after my Dads’ death… …I moved to Australia and changed my whole life style, so it’s a symbol of past and present, and how I’ve dealt with my troubles’ ~ Frazer

‘All my tattoos represent what I’ve been through in life…’ ~ James C.

‘There is a story to every one…I don’t have enough space to go through them all…’ ~ Nai C.

‘My tattoo is a wild orchid, which is my Muay Thai fighting name’ ~ Sandi M.